Royal Wedding Online Info: Live Streaming, Twitter, Facebook & More

This Friday, April 29 is the day for the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. If you can’t be in front of your TV for the big occasion, or even if you will be but want to access alternatives for keeping informed with everything that’s going on, then you’ll be needing information on the Royal Wedding online. We have some details of where to find live streaming along with Twitter and Facebook coverage and more.

We’ve been posting many articles about the big occasion and recent posts have included how a guard who would have been on duty at the wedding has been suspended following a Facebook rant, and also a spoof royal wedding video on YouTube. We also told recently how YouTube would be streaming events on the day and now Lauren Indvik over on Mashable, has given more information on other ways to keep track of the proceedings.

For instance apart from the YouTube streaming you will also be able to find more coverage by heading to Livestream here where you’ll find live streaming information for CBS News, AP Live, the UK Press Association and more, with commentary beginning at 9 am GMT or 5 am ET. The BBC will also be hosting a live stream from 9:30 am or 5:30 am ET, along with a live blog. As far as social networks go the British Monarchy’s Facebook page will be providing updates or there’s a Twitter feed from Clarence House. Alternatively if you head to you’ll find a hub established by St. James’s Palace pulling these various feeds together.

There are many more suggestions including more Twitter feeds, an embeddable stream for Facebook, Flickr accounts links for photos, a video guest book on YouTube and a charitable gift registry to name but a few, so for more on those and links head to the Mashable link above. Will you be using any of these methods to follow the Royal Wedding on Friday? Let us know what your plans are.