Ron Paul and How Twitter and Facebook Could Help Campaign

Ron Paul is one of those names in American politics that provokes a big response, whichever side of the fence you’re on. Love him or loathe him you can’t ignore him and today we heard that Paul is about to launch a presidential exploratory committee after he spoke about his plans on Fox News last night. We’re now wondering how his team will utilize Facebook and Twitter to help in his campaign.

News that the exploratory committee will be announced formally today will give a lot of hope to the many who would like to see the Texas congressman decide to run for President. Paul said to Fox News host Sean Hannity, “I’m going to start an exploratory committee. That might lead to the next decision. It depends on what kind of reception I get on your show tonight. If I get booed maybe I shouldn’t do it,” according to a report on Politico by Andy Barr.

Republican Tim Pawlenty already launched an exploratory committee using Facebook and it’s a wonder that maybe Ron Paul didn’t do the same for his launch, especially after he used the social networking site for selling his house recently. We also spoke recently about the social media significance for the 2012 campaign by Barack Obama. It’s pretty evident that social media is the way that most politicians are looking to make their direct mark with the public and is having more and more of an impact on today’s politics. Of course Ron Paul does have a Twitter account, currently with over 42,000 followers and so will no doubt be posting information about proceedings, although the exploratory committee has not yet been mentioned yet.

Paul also has a Facebook account as you would expect, with over 300,000 likes and did announce on Facebook yesterday that he had an “important announcement to make” today. Over one thousand people have already ‘liked’ this Facebook message with overwhelming support for Paul to run for President in the hundreds of comments. We can’t help thinking that Paul’s team will want to start making more use of these platforms for campaigning very soon.

What are your thoughts on Ron Paul and the exploratory committee? Would you like to see him run for President and do you think Twitter and Facebook could be used to more advantage? Let us know with your comments please.

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    Of course he should run.. I will once again choose honest over articulate. I do like that the president is talking about and to innovators though. An independent view is the most objective and therefore most credible view to have PERIOD