Leica i9 Concept Camera Using iPhone 4: An Extraordinary Idea

Here at OSM we like to bring you news on new products and also concepts for products and recently for example, told you about the Ideum Multitouch Table and also a novel idea for a new style of notebook from Fujitsu. Today we have news of another concept and this is one we’d love to see become a reality. It’s the Leica i9 concept camera using an iPhone 4, and it really is an extraordinary idea.

It comes from Black Design Associates and we heard about this innovation from George Wong over on Ubergizmo. It’s not simply a case that adds a lens but rather more revolutionary than that. In fact it’s easier to describe it as a Leica camera that uses an iPhone 4. The Leica i9 has it’s own CMOS sensor and lens and comes with internal storage to keep all your images. However when used with the iPhone it can use the phone’s connectivity to transfer the pictures to your iPhone or share online.

This concept camera has a 12-megapixel lens and 8x optical zoom and cleverly uses an independent battery, which can also be shared with the iPhone 4. The ready-to-shoot camera also doubles as a protective case for your iPhone 4 and according to the press release, which you can see here at Engadget, it has an interchangeable back for future versions of the iPhone. Over on Gizmodo we’re told that if this device ever gets past the planning stages it’s likely to have a price of $900 to $1200.

Now all we need is for Apple and Leica to get their heads together and give this idea the go ahead. What are your thoughts on the Leica i9 concept camera? We’re really interested to find out if this is a product you’d be interested in so please do send in your comments.