Guard Misses The Royal Wedding: Facebook Rant On Kate Middleton

We have certainly heard about some crazy acts of sheer stupidity on Facebook with people writing things as status updates and getting caught out. Some of the ones we have seen in recent times include a Parish that believes Facebook fosters sin, a teacher who was suspended for badmouthing students and a guy who was posing as a police officer.

The latest in the long line is possibly one of the worst, this is the week of the Royal Wedding and a guard will certainly be missing it following a Facebook rant about Kate Middleton. The disrespectful 18-year old was selected to be one of the guardsmen to work during the Royal Wedding but that won’t be happening following his comments.

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At a time when every minor detail is being examined intensely Cameron Reilly wrote some racist and offensive rants that had to be removed. Aside from the racist slurs he also went on to say that the bride to be Kate Middleton is a “Stupid, Stuck-up Cow” after they drove past him last month while he was on patrol.

Over at their author Ruth Manuel-Logan has also posted an article talking about some of the other things that he wrote such as after the Prince of Wales and his fiancée drove past him that all he got was a “Sh***y Wave”. You have to wonder what he expected her to do…? Blow him a kiss maybe? This is possibly the worst act of stupidity that we have heard of from Facebook especially given what is happening this week wouldn’t you say?

What do you think of the remarks that he made? Was he right to be axed from working at the wedding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • WideAwake

    Gutsy guy. Fortunately, in his youth he has the slight advantage of being fed less than 20 years of bullshit, whereas many others are already hopelessly indoctrinated with their inferiority "personality", revering their slave owners. Congratulations on this young man's coming into the light of truth. To the queen mother et al. "I fart in your general direction!"

  • Nix

    Slave owners? Yes because this guy was bought at some slave auction and forced into the service of William and Kate for one meal a day and a blanket – he is one of the lucky ones. I have to go back and buy another for a few coins as he died in the last harsh winter…

    Oh get a grip, he made his choice of his own free will, you pompous ****