Facebook Status Updates For A Happy Ending

Whilst there have been many uses for Facebook and quite a few updates that they have undergone in recent times such as the post button being removed from the commenting in favor of a simple tap on the enter key and Facebook launching its new local deals. These are just a few of many that have recently been hitting the social network.

One of its best uses in our opinion is for comedy value such as our recent article some of the comical status updates for Easter that were seen over the weekend and today we have another that will hopefully make you chuckle… Facebook status updates for a happy ending.

We learned of this through an article over on allfacebook.com by their author Jackie Cohen where they have listed seven status updates that will get you laid! Our favorite ones were “I’ve just signed a contract with (add sports team here)”, “I’ve got an extra ticket for (add event here) and need someone cute to go with” and “The doctor has just diagnosed me with priapism.

Check out the video below for some further comical tips but beware, the video has some fairly colorful language throughout but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. In fact we are surprised that this video doesn’t have more views.

Add your own status updates in the comments section below to help the others out.