Facebook Launches New Local Deals: First Five Cities

Back in February the Facebook Deals page went live and then we recently told how Deals now features in the news feed. This idea to compete with the likes of Foursquare, by giving users the benefits of special offers available, has already seen success and now local deals are about to come into play.

Starting today, the new local deals product will be available in five US cities and Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable tells us that this idea will compete against Groupon. Facebook users will receive news of offers via e-mail as well as news feeds, according to The New York Times and the first five areas covered are Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.

If you want to sign up for this then simply head to the landing page here and if you’re in one of the five test regions you should be able to see Deals available from now. The new deals will work in a similar way to a Groupon voucher, and less like a Foursquare coupon. This means that users can purchase a certificate for a product or service at a big discount and then use it later. There will be some great ‘deals’ available and one example is a night’s unlimited bowling for 6 people for only $60, which is a whopping 75% discount.

On top of that users will be able to use their Facebook Credits to purchase these new Deals, or pay with major credit cards. What are your thoughts on these new local deals? Are you in one of the test areas and will you be taking advantage? Let us know with your comments.

  • megamelfina

    I think Facebook is going to see a lot of business from their new Facebook Deals. It is definitely going to be some competition for Groupon and LivingSocial as well.
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