Facebook Fund Couple’s Wedding No Expense Spared

As some of you begin to make plans for the big day, the realisation of how much the wedding will cost suddenly dawns upon you, be it the dress, rings, transport, church and so on. But for one British couple Corrine Stevens and Neil Smith who have been together for 14 years turned to social networking site Facebook to get some much needed financial help!

Depending on what you choose for your big day, the wedding can run into thousands of pounds and can be as dailymail.co.uk stated, one of the biggest expenditures undertaken. When the mentioned couple decided to tie the knot they found that the overall cost was too much to bear. With this in mind they came up with the idea of setting up a campaign where their nearest and dearest, be it friends and family could contribute to their special day.

With a page designated just for Corrine and Neil, people including businesses could donate their pennies giving the couple enough money, in fact £10,000 to then buy a dress, book the hotel, rings, cake and so on for their wedding day on August 19th.

In a short statement from Corrine she said, “We would have had to save for years and really wanted to get married. Our friends set up a Facebook group and it just went from there, people heard about it through friends of friends and local businesses got in touch to offer things. Now we’re having our dream wedding – we could never have afforded this ourselves. As soon as people heard about it the whole thing just grew and grew and within no time at all we had been offered so much by so many thoughtful people.”

What are your thoughts on Facebook being used in this way? Is it something you wish you had considered? Or let us know whether you met your other half on Facebook, perhaps an old flame?

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    SKINT my back side these two have takeaway evry night and are off to florida for 3 weeks this month… hows that skint