Dell Precision M4600/ M6600 Official: Release, Price & Specs

In February some news first came out about the Dell Precision M4600 and the M6600 mobile workstations. Many of you will have been waiting for more news on specs for these notebooks and we can now give you some information originally from a leaked manual from Dell, although this has now been confirmed with a release date and also prices.

The 15.6-inch M4600 and the 17-inch M6600 will be available in congifurations right up to the Sandy Bridge Core i7 Quad Extreme 2920XM and also 32GB of RAM. They’re not exactly light though with the M4600 weighing 6.2 pounds and the M6600 a mammoth 7.8 pounds.

According to Terence O’Brien over on Engadget, sourced from Dell (pdf), the M4600 as standard has a 1GB AMD FirePro M5950 and can go up to the NVIDIA Quadro 2000M 2GB. The M6600 comes with 2GB FirePro M8900 but can reach the heights of the 4GB Quadro 5010M. There are also two USB 3.0 ports on both products, USB 2.0 connectors and more. If you check out the Dell link at Engadget you’ll see much more including detailed diagrams.

We’ve also just noted from Laptop that in fact these laptops are now official and the release date is May 10 for both items. The price of the M4600 starts at $1,678 while the M6600 starts at $2,158. You can see complete specs and options available at the Laptop link above. What are your thoughts on these two new items from Dell? Why not let us know.