Top 10 Twitter Trends: Will Sport Top The Chart?

It’s time for this week’s Twitter top trends of the week and following last week’s sport dominated list we are wondering if sport will top this week’s chart? If you missed last week’s chart then don’t worry, you can check it out on this link.

Onto this week’s chart courtesy of Mashable’s Matt Silverman and let’s go straight in at number 10 with One Direction. This is a boy band that was setup by Simon Cowell on the X-Factor in the UK and they are having a bit of a feud with the fans of another band, The Wanted. In 9th spot we see someone who often features in the top 10 and that is Justin Bieber, this time it’s because his original YouTube account was being discussed “KidRauhl”.

The number 8 position goes to Jamie Laou, this is a Justin Bieber look-a-like from Australia as it was reported that he hates the Bieber fans. This kid must be crazy; there are millions of Justin Bieber fans all over the world that watch his every move. In 7th spot was Elisabeth Sladen who sadly passed away, she was in Doctor Who as Sarah-Jane Smith, unfortunately she lost her long battle against cancer.

Ranking in 6th position is Coachella; this is a music festival which was broadcasted live on YouTube and it had lots of bands playing including the Kings of Leon. In 5th is a bit of an unusual one… Hard Nipples. This became a trend because one of the fake Rebecca Black accounts retweeted it, and then lots of people were asking why it was trending which made it popular.

In position number 4 we have NBA Playoffs along with the most discussed players from different teams including the Celtics, the Hornets, Miami Heat and the 76ers. Now we get to the top 3 with the Jonas Brothers where their fans were sharing the symptoms of “Obsessive Jonas Disorder”.

The topic that hit the number 2 spot this week is 4/20 which has a drug reference to consuming marijuana (April 20th) but that couldn’t stop our number one of the week. It’s one that regularly features in the top 10 Soccer/Football. This week it’s topping the charts after Real Madrid defeated Barcelona in El Classico and then during their victory showing of the trophy, Sergio Ramos the Real Madrid right-back dropped the Coppa Del Rey cup from the top of the bus and it was squashed! Check out a video of it at the bottom of the article.

Predictions for next week’s top 10 are a fairly obvious one in something to do with the PSN being down and Earth Day that was celebrated this week. What do you think of this week’s Top 10 and what are your predictions for next week’s? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Roxane

    the top 3 with the Jonas Brothers where their fans were sharing the symptoms of “Obsessive Jonas Disorder”.


  • @JonaSpinMyWrld

    JONAS FANS rockz!!!!!!!!!!