Facebook Groups Now Get Share Button: Do You Like It?

When it comes to Facebook they have certainly been busy in their development department haven’t they?! Recent times has seen them remove the post button from commenting in favor of a simple tap on the Enter key, re-testing the memorable status updates and Places has gone global.

Not only that but they have also provided a couple of mobile updates for their app and now they have gone ahead and implemented another change. This time it’s for Facebook Groups, now they have a share button and we want to know if you like it or not? Generally the changes on Facebook aren’t always met with open arms and quite often users wish they the change never came like with the new profiles.

We learned of this change through allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen who tells us that the 50 million groups that have been formed can now share their contents in a much easier fashion. It has gone live on more than 50 websites today with a lot more coming soon. Facebook also updated their blog explaining how to use it with a nice example for us all.

The main features you can expect are the send button that lets you share with groups, create a group today and a few other improvements. Some of the improvements include being able to post questions and polls for members to weigh in on.

Have you had a chance to try out the new functionality? What do you think of it? Let us know below.