Comical Facebook Status Updates: Back For Easter

Whilst many of you have been tucking into your chocolate Easter eggs freshly delivered from the Easter Bunny others have been putting their wit into social networking and more specifically into Facebook. It would seem that whenever there’s an event or a special day, funny people go ahead and express themselves.

This means that the comical Facebook status updates returned for Easter by the thousands! As mentioned by’s Jackie Cohen that Easter is already packed with religious messages and people talking about and uploading pictures of whatever they are doing. It’s nice to see some comedy being brought into play. NicePeter certainly brought a bit of comedy with his latest Epic Rap Battle of History when he took on the role of the Easter Bunny.

Some of the jokes we at OSM saw were pretty corny but for some reason they still bring a smile to your face. We quite liked “What do you call ten bunnies marching backwards? A receding hare line” and “What did one Easter egg say to the other? Head any good yolks lately?”.

Of course there are many more that will have been fired through Facebook which is where you all come in. We want to know what comedy value you brought to Facebook, what did you write on your status to make people laugh? Tell us in the comments section below.