All-New MacBook Pro Casing: Next Release Will Be “Milestone”

Since the Apple 2011 MacBook Pro refresh in February our attention has turned to the imminent refresh to the iMac line and also a possible upgrade on the way for the MacBook Air. We now have news though that there could be an all-new MacBook Pro casing coming and that the last update was incremental before the next release which will be a “milestone”.

The new 2011 MacBook Pros have proven very popular with the big talking points being the addition of Thunderbolt technology and the new Sandy Bridge processors. However Arnold Kim over on MacRumors says that they have “reliable information” that the next MacBook Pros will have a brand new case design.

Back in February, iLounge speculated that the latest refresh would not see the significant changes that the next MacBook Pros would see and pegged 2012 for the all-new MacBook Pros, adding that they were already being developed at Quanta in Taiwan. Now the latest news from MacRumors about a new case design seems to confirm that earlier information. The cosmetic appearance of the MacBook Pro hasn’t altered since 2008 when the unibody styling came in and there are no specifics available yet on what the next Pro will look like, although apparently it will be leaning towards the MacBook Air line.

Over on Apple Insider, Sam Oliver has also checked out the MacRumors report and says that back in February the site told of Apple’s plans “to transition its notebooks in the next 12 to 18 months,” so it all seems to fit. It does seem rather odd that only 2 months after the last upgrade to the MacBook Pro line we’re already speculating about what may come but we know how many of our readers like to keep up with the news and speculation about new products.

What are your thoughts on a new case design for the MacBook Pro? Do you think it’s long overdue and have you any suggestions for how you’d like the next MacBook Pros to look? Let us know with your comments please.