Sony PSN Outage: 5 Great Gaming Alternatives

So its Easter Sunday and we are all well aware of Sony’s increasingly frustrating PSN outage. Other than munching on chocolate, I am sure today was also planned as a lazy day in, served with a hot session of online gaming! With the misery story of the PSN, we thought we would try and offer some other alternatives so that your gaming day at home would not be totally ruined after all.

We spoke earlier about how gamers who also own an Xbox 360 were simply switching consoles and playing Xbox live, well this is the first tip. If you just bought Mortal Kombat 9 on the PS3 then this will be very annoying, but anyone who freely plays games on both consoles should not have too many problems playing with the 360 while we wait for service to resume. You can find regular updates on the Playstation Blog.

It has been suggested that Xbox Live players who pay for their service are better protected from what looks like an external intrusion, so the question we asked PS3 owners was, “Would you pay for a more secure PlayStation Network?” Generally the answer has been no so far, as one of the best features of the PSN is that it is free. We would like to hear from you on this.

Our second alternative involves simply just playing your PS3 games. Although online play is not available you can go back to those games where you abandoned the campaign mode to jump straight online; did you ever finish the story mode on Black Ops before switching to multiplayer and zombies? VG Revolution has also recommended doing this and states that trophies will still be awarded to you, but you must remember to sync them when the PSN comes back online. So far we do not know when this is, as Sony has said they are “re-building their infrastructure.”

If that idea does not tickle your fancy then how about going back to computer gaming for a spell? I am sure at some point in our gaming lives we have given the likes of World of Warcraft and Runescape a try, if not playing religiously for years. It may be a good time to rekindle the MMORPG magic with a bout of quest completing and dragon slaying whilst we wait for service to resume.

If you are craving the multiplayer experience badly then you could throw a LAN party. When you and your friends are playing in a close range together you can make a party and play together as if it were online. That is how I am solving my problems at the moment on Black Ops, with the 2 PS3s in the house connecting via LAN so my brother and I can play Ascension together without having to do split screen. A guide on how to throw a LAN party is provided by eHow.

Lastly you could go down the handheld gaming route, whether it be smartphone, PSP or DS. The advantage of this is that you can play your game as well as enjoy the sun outside, so why not break out Angry Birds Rio and sunbathe? This is not obviously the most ideal alternative but it could keep you busy whilst we all sit here waiting for Sony’s good news. We hope that our suggestions have helped you have a happy day of easter gaming. Feel free to leave a comment telling us your thoughts on the PSN outage and what gaming alternatives you are using.

  • std


  • ps3 FTW

    PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eskimOz

    Woo Hoo!

  • Mr freeze

    I have been mega lucky all things considered, black ops has been my mainstay in recent months but last week just before the outage, I invested less than a tenner on the half life 2 series and portal on the orange box. It past me by first time round and it’s value for money off line gaming for sure.I’d recommend it as an alternative to anyone whos never played it.

  • Tyler

    No psn should not cost money if it does I will just get xbox because xbox getss stuff quicker ANd has better features from what I hear

  • Craig

    If it means better service, I am more than happy to pay for PSN. But by better service, I would basically want everything that is already on Xbox Live (cross-game voice chat, dedicated parties, stuff like that)

  • Lazy

    Or you could get off your asses and go outside…

  • leo

    i love ps3 online as much if not more than most but alot of ppl i play online with have already switched to xbox….i'll gladly wait. i never realised the the normal isn't as pixilated as i see on my tv most nights before the outage. get up off your collective asses and get some air and sun….it will be back eventually. p.s no it should stay free.