Sony PSN Outage Repercussions: Secure Network Paying Option?

Since Wednesday 20th April until now, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) has been down, the cause? As Tim here at OSM reported early this morning, “an external intrusion into Sony’s system” in other words the service looks like its been hacked into from outsiders.

Unfortunately there is still no word as to when the service, now some 3 days into it, will be safely up and running? As expected comments have been pouring onto OSM with many of you feeling nothing but disappointment, especially since it first went down on the release of the new Mortal Kombat 9 game and with this weekend being that of Easter, many people are no doubt off work and had plans to have a good gaming session! This it seems was the feeling from a huge number of you including Rachel King over at who herself wanted to take full advantage of the next few days playing games and streaming movies from Netflix and Hulu Plus.

As well as the pure frustration felt by many gamers globally with firstly the pure silence from Sony as to the outage problem(s) there is as Gary over at PR News stated, the yearly subscription cost that Microsoft Xbox 360 gamers have to pay out to play the games online. The service as he states gives nowhere near as much downtime as the PS3 does so as he quite rightly asked the question, should people pay for a more secure network option?

If Sony delved into this very option and decided to run with it, would there be any guarantees that in fact PS3 owners wouldn’t themselves experience the same sort of downtime. So it begs the question of would you, yourself be happy paying for a more secure PSN?

Tell us how you are coping with the Sony PSN outage? Would you pay for a more secure PlayStation Network? What are your thoughts on Sony’s way of handling the situation? Should they reimburse gamers?

  • Colin

    PSN won’t be up again for weeks and probably will require a paid access format. Understand that everyone should contact Sony and demand compensation for Sony’s complete disregard it’s customers and the security of their identities. Now the send emails confirming what people like me have been asking for a week giving these hackers a full week head start on ruining our credit!!!

  • C Man

    as far as hacking goes, it sucks. But what i dont understand is with over 70milion people on the network, sony should of made the network hack proof. someone didnt do their job and were suffering for it. and yes hack proof is possible. Just look at all the common websites and networks today. Facebook,google, etc.. would be in the same vote if they didnt do their work. and FUKKKK YOU ANON!!!!

  • Tommy

    Right now Sony and the Hacker community are children slap-fighting in a schoolyard. This is BS and both sides are being arrogant.
    You failed at making your point and all you've done now is make ever bit of propaganda Sony has used true. Way to fail.
    Anyone willing to wage war on a company as large as Sony can only be described as ignorant.
    You just gave Sony every reason they need to start charging us for services.
    If the gamer has to pay more every hacker just made an enemy of all PS3 gamers. You've successfully set it up so that you're own people will turn against you.
    Pay up on the Other OS lawsuit, you were jack@$$es to remove it and know you did wrong with how you did it. You wont be hurt by the money lost you're a damn corporate company.
    End this witchhunt on Hackers. Now this is a two parter.
    1:An electronics company is challenging hackers…..really? Not that bright are we? You kick a bull in the nuts it's gonna hit you back. Apparently someone didn't pay attention in school and life.
    2:Just utilize the damn system and hackers wont want to hack it to make it better. The reason the PSP was hacked was because Sony ignored the full potential and now a hacked PSP can do more than Sony ever dreamed it could. Maybe if they looked to these individuals for ideas instead of looking at them like threats this would have never come to be.

    Time to hose these children down. Both are getting out of hand and both are getting annoying.

  • vorkovski

    whoever that anon guy is hes a fu**ing retarded piece of s*** who deserves to get shot in the face i agree with blueyedevil83 sony wouldnt give a crap that psn is down unless it was a possible cash cow and since there not making any money off it, the gamers are suffering, the people who have fun playing online games with there friends are suffering so whoever did this to sony i really hope u die in a slow painful way

  • Robert

    Your all stupid psn is a cash cow how many things are paid for and downloaded off the psn store everyday? playstation has lost a ton of money off this there are 85 million psn users in the world if 1 million of them bought 15 dollars in psn downloads everyday for the last 4 days they have lost over 60 million dollars. so they are trying to get it up as fast as possible.

    • Colin

      Really? You think Sony cares about the money it’s losing while it’s network is is down. Sony doesn’t care about it’s customers unless they are paying for things and PSN isn’t a cash cow you forgot to factor in costs and license fees.

  • Mikee

    There's no such thing as a free lunch as we pay our ISP already for the internet so who in their right minds 'would pay for PSN as long as its cheap' ??
    What a stupid statement… there are folks out there trying to grab your hard earned cash left, right and centre offering subscription for this and that and now we have people who are dying to give their money away to them, you must love spammers and con artists !?!?! Were still 'on the backend of a recession in the UK but everybody seems to have money to burn ???
    Those people who want to pay an additional price for PSN should just buy PSN + instead of putting into companies heads that we don't mind paying.
    Other gamers buy certain titles that only play on PSN so for them to buy a game then have to pay another fee so they can play it online just doesn't make sense.
    Bill Gates is just a greedy mo-fo who wants a subscription for everything he can lay his little hands on so stop giving them the satisfaction and accept that its almost 'free' and it needs to stop this way, its a thankyou of support off Sony to provide this service. (when its on)
    I can imagine playing COD BO's where the matches are laggy as usual due to crap p2p servers and thinking 'I pay for this service to rip me off on games I buy'. I think I'd sooner throw my money down the drain as I wouldn't be half as pi***d-off as a game not being fair… or go out fighting for money as I would have the same ammount of anger inside me.