Porsche 911 GT3 Wraps It Up For Facebook

Since its arrival in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg‘s site is wowing people, so much so that in January of this year, some 600 million active users were logging onto the number one site. As well as upping friends lists, joining groups, uploading photos and so on, the site has also allowed brands to be recognized across a wider audience of potential customers.

Alongside other sites such as YouTube and Twitter, Facebook has now become popular with not just the individual but with companies as well. The latest to join is that of Porsche and its 911 GT3 R Hybrid model. As content.usatoday.com reported, at an automobile show hosted today in NYC will see one of the biggies, that of Porsche’s sports car come out of hiding clad out in a blue and white vinyl strip.

On closer inspection, the automobile is covered in thousands of Facebook fan names, in fact some 1 million signed up to the official Facebook page. The electric come petrol 911 GT is spread from front to back, apart from the glass with peoples’ names. What makes this concept unique is that you can head on over to the Facebook page, type in your name to find out exactly where you feature on the model.

Did you put your name down to be featured on the car? Let us know.

  • http://lifesabundance.com/mypetluna lawrence mckenzie

    the porsche911gt3 is a jazzy sports car that i dream.eat.sleep.and visualize driving on a empty highway going the maxium speed