Lady Gaga Claims Twitter Follower Top Spot: Bieber Catching Up

Two of the biggest names in today’s music are reported to be battling it out on social networking site Twitter. Born this Way star “Lady Gaga” and Baby’s “Justin Bieber” are hotting up the stakes in terms of how many followers they currently have.

At number one as reported, Lady Gaga has taken the top spot with Bieber’s following of fans rising to an impressive 9 million despite the star coming off Twitter for a good week. Ok so as we stated just a few days back, Bieber is losing out to Rebecca Black on YouTube with her song Friday. Despite Bieber clinching the YouTube title for the past 2 years along with yet again Lady Gaga and Shakira, Bieber unfortunately has lost out here.

So steering back to the 17-year old Bieber! Although the young star to the sadness of his fans took a break off Twitter as we mentioned previously he has racked up quite a following already. He turned to his adoring fans and tweeted, “9 MILLION!!! I LOVE YOUPEOPLE!!! #9millionbiebers” and “Bieber Gone Wild.”

Tell us are you a Bieber fan and do you make up one of the 9 million that turned to Twitter to show your support? Or is it a big hype about nothing?

  • Yu Lee

    How dare u even suggest its "big hype about nothing" !!! Justin Bieber is an angel. Do u know of any other person on earth whose hair from a haircut gets auctioned for charity raising $41,000 & the rest is put in a museum with a security guard on either side!
    Seriously, he's a really good role model in everything he does!

    • @JustinKingoPOOP

      It's a Bieber FAKE Fever! His movie is a Global FLOP, making only $22 million globally in 12 weeks, and $72 million in the US in 12 weeks. It didn't even make $100 million despite being in the theaters for 12 weeks. His fans are spam accounts created by technos. Spam accounts does not equal human fans. His Baby only has huge views because of his international haters who boycotted his FLOP movie. His video Pray has been in Ytube for 4 months but it only made 20 million views.

      Bieber and Black has one thing in common! They're both cooked up FAKE Fame, trended by spam accounts in Twitter for days. Bieber is trended by spam accounts for two years but still failed to have international fans except retard little girls aged 10-17 years. They both will be gone in a couple of months. Until Twitter will cook up another FAKE Fame!