Kian Egan: Twitter Account Hacked – Not Leaving Westlife

Twitter has quickly become one of the largest of the social networks that there are in the world and with that being the case it’s always susceptible wrong doing much the same as other social networks such as Facebook. You only have to look at when Charlie Sheen joined Twitter; he received 800,000 followers at an amazing rate.

Some of the accounts that we have seen compromised in recent times include Ashton Kutcher and also Lil Wayne who was forced to delete his account following hacking. Today we wanted to tell you about a new victim, his name is Kian Egan. His Twitter account has been hacked and he has told fans that he isn’t leaving Westlife.

Westlife is one of the most successful bands that I have seen; they were put together by Louis Walsh who continues to manage them. Kian Egan’s account was hacked and his 70,000 followers were informed that he was leaving the band. His tweet reads “Got a very sad announcement everyone, I am leaving Westlife to concentrate on managing Wonderland. I haven’t taken this decision lightly… The boys are going to continue as a Three Piece… I am leaving.”

Because the tweet came from his Twitter page which as say but other members tried to calm things down by revealing that Kian wasn’t leaving and that his profile had indeed been hacked.

Are you pleased that Westlife are staying together? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • @wejosefine

    Offcourse I'm pleased Westlife is the best band that excist I LOVE THEM AND THEIR MUSIC FOREVER!!! I Don't get why people do this things,well they are Jeallous offcourse but how can it be funny to upset all the fans?? DOn't get it……Really sick!!!

  • laura

    they are class..not as good as boyzone though, but class all the same

  • @CHOISIWONlove

    WOAH! this news totally gave me a wild SHOCK. hahaa. but thank GOD is freakin not real. :))) WETSLIFE♥