HTC Sensation Takes On LG Optimus 2X: Battle Of 1080p

Much of the tech talk for the last few months has been based around the iPhone 5 handset and what possible specs and release date will come along, but we cannot forget other devices that have currently come out or are on their way. Two such handsets are that of the HTC Sensation or 4G version Stateside and the LG Optimus 2X.

The two in question which have both been talked about here at OSM, have now gone head to head in a 1080p shootout which has been recorded in a YouTube clip of which can be seen below.

As reported, on looking at the result, the HTC Sensation definitely holds its own in terms of the camera department. As stated, the Sensation includes a 8 megapixel camera which in terms of video and taking photos is the sharper of the 2 handsets.

The LG Optimus 2X and its 8 megapixel camera wins in relation to noise level and the balance of color, although on a comparison made at back in January when it was put up against the Apple iPhone 4 with its 5 megpaixel camera, the LG actually gave blurry photos.

When the Optimus 2X was then tested for its video recording capability, again it disappointed with commenting that 720p recordings with other smartphones actually faired better, although they did finish with saying that the LG does still score highly with some of the best phones around. Click above for more detail and photo samples.

Check out the video clip courtesy of YouTube, unfortunately the language barrier may be a problem. Give us your thoughts?