Happy Easter 2011 With Android “Bubble Blast” Free App

Without forgetting the true meaning of Easter, the time is nearly upon us where the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs is popular and the work of the fluffy bunny can begin. Here at OSM along with news of the game Angry Birds receiving new Easter levels and the Epic Rap Battle of History 8 as a YouTube Easter special, we now have news that platform Android has released a new free app in time for the holiday season.

The game named “Bubble Blast Easter” can be downloaded free from Android’s App Store and as Pocketlint reported, can be quite addictive once played. The aim of the game for anyone who hasn’t yet played it, is to pop multi-colored eggs or Easter bunnies (normally bubbles) to then start off a chain reaction with the aim of elimination.

With over 2,000 puzzle mode levels to complete and an Arcade mode for the less experienced, the game is set to start off a new trend.

Tell us will you be playing Bubble Blast Easter and if not let us know what you will be doing this Easter time?

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