Facebook Mobile Update: What’s The Improvements?

Whilst the Facebook website has undergone plenty of updates, changes and amendments such as Places going global and of course the new Questions feature that allows you to ask, answer and follow questions floating around Facebook.

What is great to see is even though there are a number of changes on their main website they aren’t ignoring their mobile phone apps as they have updated a couple of times now. This first one that we reported on in recent times is the 3.4 iPhone update that allowed you to Check-in on Facebook but the most recent Facebook mobile update has more improvements.

We learned of the most recent update from our iPhones but also because we read an article by Jackie over at allfacebook.com where she mentions that it’s for the iPhone and also for Android users. The update is mainly based around Facebook friending being made easier.

Jackie Cohen has told us that what the updated app will do is actually search the email addresses in your contacts and then it will put them into a list. From the list you can then add any of the contacts that aren’t already on Facebook should they match the search.

Have you seen this new feature of the iPhone or Android Facebook update yet? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.