Weird Al Perform This Way: Lady GaGa YouTube Parody Approved

We at OSM love to talk to you about the best and most popular videos on YouTube. Some of them are videos that we know will be extremely popular such as the latest in the Epic Rap Battles of History which is an Easter special between Genghis Khan and The Easter Bunny.

Other recent reports include the next episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy web series and one for all you Apple haters where an iPad 2 was shot with a shotgun. Now we have another video that is sure to get millions of page views, Weird Al Yankovic’s Perform This Way and Lady GaGa has approved the YouTube Parody.

For those of you who are unaware, Weird Al Yankovic has found fame through the creation of parody videos of some of the biggest stars such as Michael Jackson’s Beat It (Eat It) and I’m Bad (I’m Fat). The latest amusing song is based around Lady GaGa and her antics such as wearing meat clothing.

So far the video has received more than 1,500,500 hits since it was uploaded only two days ago. As always you can view the viral video at the bottom of the article where we have a little surprise for you… A couple of Weird Al’s videos.

What do you think of Weird Al Yankovic’s songs? Don’t you think it’s good that Lady GaGa has approved the parody? What a good sport.