The Facebook Like Button Is A Year Old: Time Flies

The last few days have been of great importance due to it being Earth Day; Google even devoted their homepage to the event. That isn’t the only thing though; the social networking giants Facebook were in celebration as the ‘Like’ button is now a year old, time really flies doesn’t it?!

The Like button has certainly had its problems since it was implemented and it has also undergone a few changes. Now the Like button has become very important to many different websites that has greatly helped increase site traffic.

We read a report about the like button over at where Jackie Cohen is talking about it. She mentions the number of people that have liked and commented on the announcement from Facebook on their own page which shows the button in many different languages.

Whilst many people are congratulating Facebook on the anniversary over on their page, there are also many people leaving the comments pleading for the Dislike button and I can think of one or two pointless status updates that could do with it being used on!

What do you think of Facebook’s Like button? How much do you use it? Let us know in the comments section below.