Google Celebrate Earth Day With A Doodle

At first you may be wondering what a Google Doodle is, it is basically a devotion of the famous Google logo to a special event on that day. Examples that we have seen recently include the birthday of mime and film legend Charlie Chaplin which was the first one in video format and of course the hints at Android 4.0 from Google.

Today we have another one in place of the normal Google logo. Google are celebrating Earth Day with a Doodle, this one is an interactive one with various movement happening. You may be wondering what the intentions of Earth Day are so we thought we would give you a quick rundown.

Earth Day is supposed to inspire awareness for our planet’s natural environment, it has been running since 1970 April 22nd when Senator Gaylord Nelson of the US. Following this there was an organization launched by David Hayes who took the even international in the early 90’s.

In these times Earth Day is celebrated in more than 175 countries each year. There are numerous webpages devoted to Earth Day that accept donations to the cause of trying to help save our planet and prompting you to do your bit. Check out the video at the bottom of the article that tells you of some of the ways you can help to fight climate change and in turn save the planet. If you are yet to see it then click here to have a peek.

What do you do to save our planet? Did you Celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

One last thing… HAPPY EARTH DAY!