Facebook Impose “Kate Middleton” Name Ban: Is This You?

With just over a week to go until the Royal Wedding that will see Prince William and Kate Middleton marry in Westminster Abbey, news in today has spoken of social networking site Facebook and its subsequent ban of the name Kate Middleton.

In recent weeks, we have been keeping you updated with various snippets of information surrounding the Royal Wedding, be it the latest iPhone app, a birds eye view of the route thanks to Google Earth 3D, a funny T-Mobile spoof viral video depicting the wedding and so on.

Over at techeye.net via smh.com, it seems anyone with the name Kate Middleton may be wishing that in fact they had a different name, as Mark Zuckerberg’s site has now imposed a ban for anyone wanting to join the site with the same name as the future queen.

The decision was made just in case anyone joined the site and decided to abuse the name as for example, setting up a fake site. But what happens for those who carry the name? Unfortunately as techeye.net stated, anyone who even tries to set up an account will be met with problems, one such lady as reported, tried to log onto Facebook only to be met with her account being disabled. This seems to have happened on a number of occasions to innocent Facebook users.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you yourself experienced any problems?