Survey: What Can You Give Up For Week, Could It Be Facebook?

Since its arrival back in February 2004, Facebook has increased dramatically in terms of user numbers. In January of this year, wikipedia stated that the site had more than 600 million active users. As well as subscribers being able to find and add friends to their lists, the site allows users to update their status, upload photos, join groups of interest, get invited to up and coming events and so on. So once joined, how easy would it be to come off Facebook for a week and use other methods of communication?

This very question was posed to a group of university students in Pennsylvania, America at the end of last year. During a study as The Wall Street Journal reported, of 84 survey participants aged between 18 and 22-years of age, it was noted that many of them would be happy to leave Facebook alone but would heavily rely on the use of email, their cellphone for calls and the use of text messaging.

The students were then asked in terms of a cash incentive, what method of communication they would use. A figure of $44 was stated to be “fair compensation” for not having any Facebook for an entire week, some $99 for email, $73 for use of the cellphone and $85 for SMS, with a small $27 for instant messaging. Out of the 84 people that took part, they were then asked what method they would prefer to use to contact friends, the result concluded that many would not in fact miss Facebook but would stay in contact with their nearest and dearest by text or phone, with Facebook being used for just acquaintances.

Tell us if you had to give up something for the week, would it be Facebook, could you manage without it? Have you already contemplated ditching it? And if not Facebook, what method of communication mentioned above would it be?