HTC Sensation Clues Lead To Release Date

There are a number of newly released mobile phones that are pretty good and some very highly anticipated ones such as the iPhone 5, but one that can’t stay out of the news is the HTC Sensation aka HTC Pyramid. This guy keeps on popping up commanding the attention of several tech sites and mobile phone enthusiasts that can’t wait to get the mucky paws on it.

Some of the articles that we have already reported include asking you if you would prefer the iPhone 4 in white or the Sensation, the HTC Sensation vs the World where it was compared to a number of top end devices and also about the Sensation hitting other UK carriers. Now we can tell you that there are a few clues about that lead to the intended release date of the device.

Firstly, Engadget’s Richard Lai is reporting on a GoogleAd following a search for “htc sensation” where the top search is “HTC Sensation 4G – On 6/8 – Complete w/HTC Watch & HTC Sense”. The next clues come from a different source, but are revealing the same date.

The author “David” from over at TmoNews has compiled an article that shows not only the GoogleAd but also something else that could be a coincidence but us being the optimists we don’t think so! There’s a picture from the Sensation announcement where they had a press picture, check it out below and check out the date on it. So pencil June 8th into your diary folks and if any further details materialize we will let you know.

Do you think this is a coincidence or are we on for a June 8th Release? Let us know in the comments section below.