Foursquare Break Daily Check-in Record

When it comes to the biggest social networks out there, some of the ones that sprint to the front of your mind are Facebook and Twitter but don’t forget that there’s another one that has been growing nicely and is becoming even more successful, Foursquare. More and more people are signing up to use the service that offers deals in different locations when you check-in which has boosted the popularity.

Now we have read a report over on Mashable by their author Jolie O’Dell where she has spilled the beans that Foursquare has managed to break the daily check-in record with more than 3 million people using it. Back in July we reported that Foursquare managed to reach the 100 million check-in milestone so for there to be 3 million in a single day is pretty impressive.

The check-in fest happened because the social network held their a repeat of last year’s first ever Foursquare Day back on April 16th that has seen one psychotic fan get a Foursquare check-in tattoo… Obsessed Much?! Still it’s nice to see that their fans are passionate about their social network.

Did you do any check-ins on Foursquare Day? Perhaps you attended some of the events; tell us how it all went in the comments section below.