Facebook OOPS! They Reset E-mail Notifications By Accident

The guys that look after Facebook are normally pretty good; the development team continues to implement changes to improve on the site and also to give you a better user experience. One thing to note is that the changes don’t always go down so well but that’s because people simply don’t like change.

Some of the recent updates that we have informed you of with Facebook include when Facebook rolled out “Questions”, Places going global and they were also re-testing memorable status updates although that seems to have disappeared following a really bad reception. Now we have something else to talk to you about and it’s an unusual Facebook OOPS! They reset the E-mail notifications by accident so some of you might have had a heap of them come through.

We learned of this issue through allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen where she says that Facebook has acknowledged the error and that they are working on a solution for the issue and hopefully some kind of problem prevention tactic so that this doesn’t happen again! As things stand, if you want to change them back then you will need to do them manually.

To update the notifications that you receive head up to Account, then Account Settings and you should be able to see a tab for Notifications. From here you can set things back to the way they were as long as you can remember what you did and didn’t have ticked! Beware as we are also hearing reports that even after ticking and unticking the required boxes that there are still some notifications coming through.

Have you been one of the unlucky ones with a load of notifications today? Tell us in the comments section below.