Anti-Spam Community Page Gets Shut Down By Facebook

When you become as big as Facebook, your users become targets for scams which attempt to get a hold of your personal information. Thankfully in the world of the internet, there are always people around to help point out these scams in order to protect them and get them banned. But what happens when Facebook turns around and puts the ban hammer onto the anti-scam community?

We’ve seen loads of scams on Facebook, the most recent being the Twilight scam, but as Graham Cluley over on the Naked Security blog reports, there are many different organisations that take it upon themselves to keep people safe from these scams which take place on the social networking giant.

That was until the Bulldog Estate Facebook page were taken down by Facebook itself. No specific reason has been given for the page being taken down, instead the admin of the Bulldog Estate page was sent an e-mail containing text from the terms and conditions of the website. This hasn’t given them any clear reason why their page was taken down, and this has gotten their members understandably angry.

Tony Mazan is quoted as saying that “We helped countless members on Facebook and supported Facebook in trying to help Facebook users stay safe online, We do not advertise or make money from our help, our blog writers are volunteers, and our admins are volunteers”. We here at OSM hope that Facebook quickly realises and corrects their mistake, because services like this are a great help to the Facebook community.