Should You Post Pictures Of Your Children On Facebook?

There are many uses of Facebook, some of them are to do with the fans pages that you see which are great for businesses and brands and then there’s the new Facebook Deals that have been introduced. With deals they are looking to compete directly with the likes of Groupon and Foursquare.

Another great use is keeping in touch with friends and family and sharing with them your favorite pictures that you have taken, but should you share all of your pictures? Should you post pictures of your children on Facebook? There’s always the temptation to show off your kid or show the world their latest achievement but we have learned through a report over on AllFacebook that it’s not always good.

The report was written by their author Katie Evans and she tells us the story of how fake Facebook profiles were popping up with a photograph of a young girl that was noticed by her mother. The mother had a look at the impersonator’s profile and was horrified to find pictures of her daughter on there and contacted Facebook and the Police meaning that the profile was removed.

Following on from that incident the mother then found an additional impersonating profile that had pictures of JonBenet Ramsey, the unsolved brutal murder from 1996 which has alarmed the mother even further that this could be a sexual predator.

What do you guys think? Has this altered your thoughts on what pictures to upload to Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Amal Hudson

    With all the crazies out there, I don't think it is a good idea to post pics at all — whether of kids or anyone else. Also one's address, phone number etc should preferably be kept private. But then that sort of defeats the whole purpose of social networking, doesn't it? Tough call.