Michael Owen Twitter: He Speaks Out About Problems

Twitter is quickly becoming a popular social network with the number of uses signed up growing by the day and we continue to bring you the top 10 trending topics on the social networking giant each week. There are quite a few different issues that have been popping up in recent times regarding sportsmen and social networking which kind of ties into what we want to talk to you about.

We have been reading reports that a big name in English Football in Michael Owen has been speaking out about the problems that the players face just by being a footballer via Twitter. The first thing that he was tweeting about was the appreciation (or lack of) that the Newcastle fans showed him when he returned there for Manchester United in their last game, he got quite a reception of boos as informed by BBCSport.

Following on from that he ended up having a bit of a chat with Oliver Holt who is the Daily Mirror’s chief sports writer about a few different things with the end result being both of them in agreement that the relationship between the players and the British press is poor and needs to improve.

Owen’s main gripe as told by Metro.co.uk’s Richard James was the fact that the sensationalized headlines make the players of today look like clowns and we would tend to agree with him. Michael Owen is one of the most recent high profile Premier League stars to join Twitter, perhaps he should have a chat with Ryan Babel so he can give him a guide on what not to post!

What do you think of Michael Owen’s take on the British Press? Do you think he’s right? Let us know in the comments section below.