Free Voice Calls Via T-Mobile Bobsled On Facebook

If you were to look back maybe a year and ask anyone “who will you be able to make calls on Facebook through?” the first and most obvious answer to us would be Skype. Not many people out there if any at all would turn around and reply with “T-Mobile” would they.

Now we can reveal as we were informed by’s Jackie Cohen that now available to you all is free voice calls via T-Mobile’s Bobsled on Facebook. This app is a free install and is looking to revolutionize “Chat” as we know it. It seems like the logical step as we start to develop what is already there in Facebook.

Rumored partnerships between Facebook and Skype had many people’s ears standing to attention and to be quite honest it still could happen. Personally I don’t think Skype were ever really that interested in just being able to call people using Facebook, I think they are more interested in some kind of video calling through the social networking giant.

If that sort of development could happen it would certainly revolutionize Facebook into becoming the most technical and most developed social network that we have ever seen. It will bring communication to a whole new level and who knows, some people might actually welcome that change to the social networking giants.

Coming back to “Bobsled”, if you would like to have a peek at it and try it out then use this link to be directed to the app. What we would like you to do if you do go ahead with the installation is return to us and let us know what you think of the service. Remember if you didn’t like the app and want to get rid of it, use the guide on this link to remove it.

Do you think we are right about Facebook and Skype’s future intentions? What do you think of T-Mobile’s Bobsled? Let us know in the comments section below.