Android’s In-app Purchase- Another Child Runs Up Bill

Android implemented their in-app purchase to help users buy virtual items whilst still playing said app. It is very convenient, but can also be a curse when the kids get hold or your smartphone or tablet.

Well unfortunately a mum has been left red raced after her 6-year-old daughter racked up a $150 (£90) bill for virtual goods on her smartphone. The name of the young American girl is not revealed but her mother “Heidi” has vented her anger on the Android forums. This is becoming a common problem, as we saw how a young lad called Brendan Jordan from the UK, also made a similar mistake on Xbox Live a few months back, running up a bill of over £1000!

The game that the young girl was playing was restaurant Story which involves you running your own eatery and trying to make the biggest success out of it you can. Obviously there is a virtual good in the game which costs money and is needed to improve your experience. These come in the form of Gems and are sold for $5 (£3) in batches of 24, according to Cnet.

What has angered Heidi the most is that there was no password or authorisation required to purchase the goods and so he daughter could freely buy as many virtual items as she wished. Heidi has been using the forums to look at her chance of a refund; however it looks unlikely as her daughter unknowingly accepted the terms and conditions. You cant help but think the app purchasing is being made so easy it tempts children to buy in the manner they are.

You can see above how easy it is to buy virtual goods, by simply touching a few buttons. The Next Web has reported that Apple have been punished for promoting games that are “Free” on the App Store but allow users to spend huge sums of money on in-app items. We saw another case of this with a young girl called Megan Fox, not the actress if you were wondering. Do you think parents are entitled to refunds when their kids mistakenly spend large sums on virtual goods? We want to hear from you on this so leave us a comment below.