White iPhone 4 Or HTC Sensation: The Choice Is Yours

The number of smartphones that have been and will be hitting us in recent times, some of them included are from Motorola with the Atrix, the new Meizu MX that looks a lot like an Apple iPhone and of course the G2X what was recently unboxed.

Now we wanted to check something out with you guys, we wanted to know which you would choose between if you were offered either the White iPhone 4 or the HTC Sensation… The choice is yours. This is a classic case of one of the biggest up and coming devices in the Sensation and the iconic Apple iPhone in the color everyone wants, white.

Whilst we are aware that Apple have never officially announced that the iPhone 4 in white would ever materialize, there have been a few recent sightings that lead our minds to think that it might even be announced this year! Some of the sightings included was on the Verizon page when the CDMA iPhone was released and also more recently on Three UK’s page only for both of them to magically disappear. Prices are undecided although the expectation is that it will be the same price as the current iPhone 4 in black.

Then of course you have HTC’s new flagship device, the HTC Sensation. This bad boy boasts some pretty impressive specifications and has enough firepower to rival any device in the world at this current time. That leaves us with one question that we want to know the answer to from you all…

Which of these two smartphones, the iPhone 4 in white or the HTC Sensation would you pick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Toolie

    HTC Sensation for sure!

    • Tom

      Yes this is answer HTC SENSATION,,

  • ery

    i phone = no flash player and rubbish camera

  • Natasha