Winklevoss Twins Try Yet Again To Get More Money From Facebook

Those pesky Winklevoss twins simply wont give up! Just over a week after they had a case thrown out in court seeking more money from Facebook, they have appealed to have their case heard again. It is starting to get to somewhat an embarrassment for the Winklevii, but if it means getting an extra chunk of Facebook’s value, can you blame them?

Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg settled with the twins for a sum of $65 million, which seems a snip now that the site has been valued at around $65 billion. It was 3 judges who heard the case and threw it out after explaining that a settlement had already been made; however if this was not the case then the courts may be obliged to grant their claim. The twins were seeking additional shares in Facebook.

The Winklevoss brothers have now gone to a federal appeals court to ask judges to re-consider an order that they accepted a $65 million settlement for the site, it has been reported by Hollywood reporter. The lawyers acting for the twins have asked the court for a special 11-judge panel to look over the case again, so that a different verdict can be found. The Winklevoss twins believe they were misled over the site’s value.

It is not only the twins who feel they are entitled to a slice of Facebook’s fortune; Paul Ceglia claims he is owed 50% of the company! He claims that he lent Mark Zuckerberg around $2000 in exchange for half of the social networking site. This was back in 2003 when Facebook was just starting out and no one would have imagined how huge and valuable it would become. Do you think the Winklevoss twins are entitled to more of Facebook, or are they being desperate and greedy?

  • newbedave


    So dave found a site at Harvard called Harvard Connect (later, in 2004 changed to Harvard Connect To You) run by Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss, and dave explained everything about Facebook and the dealings with Zuckerberg, Dustin and Chris and how dave believed that Zuckerberg was in the process of stealing david idea, and dave asked if the Winklevosses were interested in running Facebook on the Harvard site
    DAVID found out later on that the winklevoss contacted WAYNE CHANG and sold 50% of the idea facebook my god how dumb can you get .all the winklevoss had to do was go hire a team of programmers or learn to program on their own .and the idea facebook was a sound and solid idea . tell the truth about facebook WAYNE CHANG and about the WINKLEVOSS BS