Page Pulled Of Men Kissing: Is Facebook Hating On Homosexuals?

When you look at Facebook and how the majority of users are glued to it every day there are a few things that you may or may not notice. Sometimes people are a little bit quick to click on that censorship button but is that the case here?

We recently learned of a report over on by Jackie Cohen where a page was pulled of two men kissing which makes us ask, Is Facebook hating on homosexuals? Let’s have a proper look at the story before we make any hasty decisions.

The incident happened where the above picture was tugged from the site which Facebook say was in error and then it appeared as though the entire event it was attached to was also removed, this wasn’t the case, the page owner simply made it private. Facebook are being roasted for this as the story travels through the Internet where there are people saying things like “Would that have happened if it was two girls kissing?” and you would like to think it would right?

The actual picture is from a popular UK Soap called Eastenders which features controversial story lines that normally test the boundaries at the best of times. Take the Ronnie Mitchell baby theft which is coming to an end now, that storyline has really managed to get under people’s skin.

Since the original event was pulled there have been a number of other ones posted such as the “Queers & Allies Kiss-in Protest Against Homophobia at John Snow pub, Soho” and a new Facebook page called “Kissing is cool” which looks like an outright page to post pictures of people kissing. Is this really the way to deal with something that may have been taken out of context? You can also check out where their author Michelle Loh has added a report saying that Facebook has apologized for the picture that was taken down in error.

We don’t feel that Facebook is openly homophobic, do you? Does the picture offend you? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

  • Steven William Leak

    no doubt merely an accident as there is just a mass of GBLT stuff on fb for it to be otherwise.