Black Steals Bieber’s YouTube Crown

This girl could possibly be the most talked about person over the past month and maybe even next month. Rebecca Black shot to stardom after her pop song Friday, and she has done something very rare indeed.

The 13 year old American from California has beaten another YouTube star to the accolade of most monthly views on the site. Justin Bieber has dominated Google’s video sharing site for the past year or 2 and is only 1 of 3 celebrities who has over 1 billion video viewings; the other 2 being Lady Gaga and Shakira. Bieber is just as big on Twitter where he boasts over 8 million followers.

Rebecca Black however has become notoriously famous for how bad her song is, opposed to how good. Critics have described the song as the worst ever but it has gained the young star a lot of attention due viral marketing and social networking. Black thrashed Bieber this month in YouTube views with 112 million in 4 weeks, which is 600,000 more than the Canadian, according to ITN.

Despite being an irritating and cheesy pop song, Friday has sold over 40,000 copies, so there is clearly a minority who enjoy it. Good or bad the song has made Black very famous and I am certain we will be hearing more from her in the near future. What do you think of Rebecca’s song? If it beat Justin Bieber on YouTube she must be doing something right, leave us your thoughts in the comments.