Bang & Olufsen 85-Inch 3DTV: Size Matters!

Bang & Olufsen a name synonymous with high-end audio entertainment has released their take on the 3D televisual experience. But rather than go at it half heartedly B&O have got stuck straight in with the BeoVision 4-85.

As the title hints the new plasma HDTV set comes with a ginormous 85-inch screen and the features don’t stop there, as Slash Gear found out.

Pushing aside it’s vast screen the 4-85 releases sound through a BeoLab 10 dedicated center loudspeaker. This gives the unit unmatched sound performance according to the firm’s press release.

Other features include Automatic Color Management which monitors the screen every 100 hours and adjusts it if necessary. Also like other B&O sets when you power off for the evening electronic curtains drawn across the screen before final shutdown.

To aid the 3D experience the motorized stand allows the set to lift and rotate to the perfect viewing position. BeoLink home automation system gives the 4-85 total integration meaning all your A/V systems can be controlled by the one remote.

As for the 3D side of things the B&O makes use of active shutter glasses to create the 3D illusion. Unfortunately prices haven’t yet been mentioned but as TechRadar state, the chances are your going to need to be feeling rather flush, so if you’re familiar with Bang & Olufsen’s work then you wont be surprised to see the 4-85 hitting a top-end price range.

Tell us what you would expect to pay for an 85-inch 3DTV?