ASUS Sandy Bridge Thin & Light Trio Of Laptops

Lovers of thin and light laptops will be pleased to here that electronics giant ASUS have lifted the lid on a trio of new devices. These triplets will benefit from ASUS Sandy Bridge technology, which will mean improved multitasking and faster performance.

According to Engadget the U31SD, U31E and U36SD will be available off the shelf towards the end of May, although the U31SD has already found a place on ASUS site, see here.

For the 31SD you can select the option of Core i5 2410M, or if you fancy, Core i3 2310M, there is also the option of a 1GB GeForce GT 520M card or Intel integrated graphics. These specs will be similar across the three, although the 31E will most likely lack a discrete graphics variation.

Another similarity is the 13.3-inch display and of course the shaving off of any unnecessary weight. For the U31SD and U36SD the scales are tipped at 3.9 pounds which by any standards makes for a easily portable machine. As for the U31E, it measures out at just 3.5 pounds thanks to its slender 0.75-inch thickness.

While at the moment no pricing structure has been let out, but as ASUS state, you get a serious power notebook with plenty of performance for watching movies or gaming.

So why not have a look for yourself and tell us what your initial thoughts are?