Apple Store Dancing “Trevor” Makes It Big On YouTube

Sometimes you just have to get up and dance, it can be wherever or whenever but the music just seems to take a hold of you and its all you can do to resist it. But what if its in a busy store what do you do then?

Most people will contain it, hold it deep down inside until a more suitable location promotes itself. However this isn’t the case for a kid named Trevor, who according to Mashable looks like he just erupts into spontaneous convulsions.

For Trevor though this is a regular occurrence and only seems to happen when he enters an Apple Store.

It isn’t the first time either, because this kid has caused a YouTube storm by performing his crazy dance routines in various Apple establishments for the best part of a year. Just in April the manic performer managed to rack up over 1 million views.

See the clip below for one of his outbursts to’s hit “check it out”. It has been mentioned that Apple should look at hiring the young man for a promotional commercial. Have a look for yourself and tell us if you have felt the urge to let it all out?