Angry Birds Invades Gadget Show Live 2011

Everybody loves Angry Birds! Whether it be Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, or just regular Angry Birds, the mobile game has been a massive success, dominating the charts on many application marketplaces.

I was at the Gadget Show Live this past weekend, and to my surprise I found this Angry Birds Piggy Shy amongst the exhibits. I quickly pulled out my iPod Touch, and filmed a short video of this unexpected attraction which you can see embedded at the bottom of your screen.

The exhibit consisted of a series of boxes with pigs balanced upon them, and people paid money in order to get a chance to throw Angry Birds at the pigs in a coconut shy type. Winners walked away with one of the Angry Birds plush toys. I didn’t investigate how much it cost to play, but it was a very popular event with the queue to play stretching around Firebox’s exhibit. They posted a video of the queue on their YouTube channel.

Other cool exhibitions at the Gadget Show Live included Robo-Challenge, which takes the concept of Robot Wars and brings it to childrens parties. The exhibition allowed participants to control their robots using a single control stick (which was difficult) and battle for a minute at a time. This was also captured on video, and is available on my YouTube channel, as well as some video of the Daleks which were patrolling the show floor.

Where would you like to see Angry Birds go next? Let us know in the comments below.