Motorola Atrix Coming To Orange UK May: Bargain Accessory Deal

Motorola’s Atrix smartphone, one of the big devices to come out of this year and dubbed the “most powerful,” will now be released over in the UK on network Orange. Crossed over from America, the Atrix handset is now available to pre-order in time for its official release early part of next month.

Orange running with the Atrix as an “exclusive launch partner,” has announced that they will be offering the dual-core handset for free on a 2-year contract costing the consumer approximately £35 per month. As well as this, customers will also benefit from their “Work and Play Kit” which will include the Atrix’s Multimedia HD Dock at a reduced £50 price to either new customers or for free to existing Orange customers upgrading to the Atrix in May. As Engadget stated, business customers on higher data plans will also benefit with the Multimedia Dock being offered for free on Solo 55.

Just to refresh your memory, the accessory will automatically transform the Atrix using 3 USB ports, a HDMI port giving connections to a keyboard, mouse, speakers and HDMI compatible monitor for working either from your desk, connection to your HDMI compatible TV or for enjoying music, games and so on from your home entertainment system.

Whilst on the subject of the docking accessory, we have to mention of course the Laptop Dock which again will change your phone into a fully functional PC with the benefit of an increased screen size of 11.6 inches, 8 hours of battery life and the benefit of the device being completely portable. This again dependant on the tariff set up, will allow customers to purchase this accessory at a lower cost.

To give you a rundown of specifications, the Motorola Atrix will run on Android’s 2.2 OS, feature a dual-core processor giving up to 2GHz meaning that accessibility to web pages will be twice as fast as other devices on the market, 4-inch qHD display, 16GB of storage, 5 megapixel rear facing camera, VGA front-facing camera, 1GB of RAM, one feature that we like here at OSM is the fingerprint reader for unlocking of the phone, webtop app running Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 browser and so on.

Reviews for the Atrix have been notably good, in fact reported that the Atrix “leads the pack of Android phones and in many ways is out far ahead. In terms of the dual-core processor, the LG Optimus 2X is the only real contender but falls down without the inclusion of a webtop mode.”

If the Atrix impresses you then head on over to Orange for further details and pre-order your handset today.

Give us your thoughts on the Atrix? Will you be purchasing it and from Orange?