Meizu MX: Apple iPhone Copycat

There are lots of different smartphones gracing us with their presence, some of them are better than others. We have recently reported on the HP Veer which is a tiny mid-range smartphone, the Motorola Atrix which is capable of running on the 4G network and of course the HTC Sensation that is looking to take the market by storm.

Today we have some information for you about another manufacturer who as Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer informs us make some good hardware and software, Meizu with their MX Apple iPhone copycat device. Kennemer goes on to mention that Meizu isn’t one of the most well known manufacturers and that he was blown away by the M9.

Now the MX which is presumably the M10 is also going to be joining us and as we mentioned earlier it closely resembles the Apple iPhone. Not only that but it also has some pretty impressive specs which isn’t that surprising as the iPhone’s aesthetics are one of its best selling points.

Some of the specs of it have been mentioned in an article over at including a 4” screen at a resolution of 640×940, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of integrated storage and it will more than likely ship with Android’s 2.3 OS. This bad boy will be priced at 3,580 Yuan or $548 and there’s not really any idea of release date, although the expectancy is that it will be released by the end of the year.

What do you think of the Apple iPhone copycat? Do you think this device will sell well? Let us know in the comments section below.