HP Veer: AT&T Launch Date Revealed & Price Hinted

When you are looking for a new smartphone the first thing that you have to consider is what range you are looking at for your new device. If you are looking to the high end then at this current time you will be looking at the Motorola Atrix and the device to be released from HTC called the Sensation.

Today we have news of another device that we have previously reported on, this is a tiny mid-range smartphone where we had a video demonstration showing its amazing abilities with seamless multitasking. If you seek a small phone that is quick and has a decent camera on it then this guy could be the one for you. We can also tell you that the HP Veer on AT&T has a launch date and we are hearing rumored prices.

We heard about this news through Zach Epstein of BGR.com where he says that HP is sending out invitations to a launch party for the Beer on May 2nd. This little smartphone has certainly impressed us so far in just about every way; to get a snapdragon processor running at 800 MHz inside this little bad boy making it run quickly was a master stroke.

We are in agreement with Jamie Pert of PRNews when he says that the price should be sub $100 on a contract. He also makes some good points about the potential future of the OS so make sure you have a read about it.

What do you think of the HP Veer? Do you agree that it will cost less than $100 on a contract? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.