Google Ends Its Video Service: Not YouTube

Google has announced that it has decided to retire its video service, with all of your uploaded content being removed in the process.

Obviously Google’s other massive video site YouTube is not going anywhere as it attracts millions of users everyday and is up there with the best in terms of value and user base. Although YouTube dwarfs Google’s video service, nobody really saw the closure of the site. Cnet has reported that all content uploaded to the site will be binned, so it would be wise to back everything up if you have a fear of loss.

The big date will be on the 13th May, Google video will cease to exist so make sure you have taken all of your important content from the site. The chances are that the content is a few years old so if it is also on YouTube then there is no need. Google acquired the massive video site back in 2006 as it was starting to get very big, this is looking like one of the best pieces of business ever seen.

We recently reported how Google made 1st quarter earnings of $8.58 billion and that their OS, Android was the most used in the US, as well as being the most popular in the UK. Analysts say that by next year Android will control 50% of the smartphone market, so overall it is looking very pretty for the search engine giant. Will you be sad to see the end of Google video? Leave us your thoughts.