YouTube’s Annoying Orange Coming To TV

For those of you who are regular visitors to Google’s video sharing site YouTube, you probably would have heard of “The Annoying Orange.” Love it or hate it, the Orange’s annoying videos are a massive hit, with hundreds of millions of views. This huge success has resulted in a TV show that is in production.

The Annoying Orange has over 560 million views according to Mashable, with an iPhone app also recently released. The Orange’s creator Dane Boedigheimer has now made a deal with production company The Collective, to make a series with 6 episodes featuring the famous orange fruit. Kids TV station Nickelodeon could be one of the channels that will broadcast the series when it comes out.

The man in charge of writing the episodes is Tom Sheppard, who already has experience in cartoons after his work on popular TV show Pinky and the brain. The executive producer will be Conrad Vernon who is also vastly experienced in animation with his work on hit movies like Shrek 2 and Monsters Vs. Aliens. Looking at the show’s creators, there is a good chance the TV series could be better than the YouTube videos.

It seems to be the most irritating YouTube viral videos which get the most hits, another example of this being with Rebecca Black’s song Friday, which now has over 100 million viewings after just 2 months! The Annoying Orange’s fan base is already massive so it is likely that the TV series will be a success just like its YouTube counterpart. All we know at this stage is that shooting is starting very soon. Are you excited that the Annoying Orange is coming to our TVs or is it just a waste of time? Leave your thoughts on this in the comments.