Twitter’s Furious Rio Ferdinand Reacts To Balotelli Taunting

Online social networking site Twitter which was initially founded back in 2006 is growing in popularity and on looking at the figures over on wikipedia, there is now approximately some 200 million active users with 65 million tweets (messages) a day with over 800,000 search queries being carried out per day. Some pretty mean figures, although it still has a little way to catch up with number one site Facebook.

Over recent weeks, many celebrities have taken to the site including the world of footballers. A name which seems to come up more often than others is that of Manchester United and ex England captain Rio Ferdinand. We have heard of the star leaving praise and admiration for Arsenal players, his comments in relation to Wayne Rooney’s swearing incident, a hoax just last week on Twitter with British name Piers Morgan and so on.

Today his tweeting, and a furious one at that, follows on from the Manchester United semi-final game against Manchester City yesterday in which City won. His comments were made this morning after United player Yaya Toure scored for the side and Italian striker team mate Mario Balotelli appeared to taunt the opposing fans.

As metro reported Ferdinand took to Twitter and said, “If u score a goal + give a bit to opposing fans I kind of accept that but at the final whistle go to your own fans + enjoy it not opposing fans. If I offended anyone I apologise, emotions obviously running high.”

In turn, City’s own Manager took to Twitter and said, “ Next week, we can put him in jail for this, I didn’t see it. I want to wait because every time people say “its Balotelli’s fault.”

Did you watch the game? Are you in agreement with Ferdinand? Let us know.

  • Seo Republika

    You can't blame 'massive'…..All they talk and think about is – Manchester United.