Nikon D5100 Given Early Release Date At Best Buy With Price

When it comes to cameras and DSLRs we at OSM have certainly reported on a few. Some of them include the Canon T3/T3i, the Pentax Optio RS1500 customizable camera, the new Philips WiFi camcorder and of course the truly amazing Phantom Flex.

We also told you about the Nikon D5100 with the external mic where the specs price and the detail that is important in this article, the release date. As always a planned release date can change and it’s not often a change for the good. We can now inform you that the Nikon D5100 has been given an early release date at Best Buy with a price.

Maddy Rowe previously informed us that the release date of the new device would be April 21st however we have seen an article over at Engadget by their author Kevin Wong who tells us that the device has hit the shelves of Best Buy and the online store of Amazon but this is only for the DSLR.

It seems Amazon have started taking pre-orders at $799 although this is for the body only where as Best Buy are allowing you to pick one up NOW in stores for $900 of your hard earned cash. That being the case it means the device has been released a full four days early… Much better than four days late don’t you think?!

Will you be picking one of these mid range bad boys from Best Buy? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Ed James

    I've been evaluating a DSLR purchase for a few months. I liked the 3100 but it lacked an external mic. I also liked the Canon T2i but it doesn't do the greatest job of autofocusing on video. The 5100 has it all. Great sensor, great depth of field, great ISO, and great autofocus video with an external mic. Homerun for Nikon. Now to get the money together for it.