Green Party Candidate Resigns: Comments On Facebook The Cause

When it comes to Facebook there are a number of things that happen that are how you might say inexcusable or stupid. Some things that we have seen recently include a Parish who says Facebook use fosters sin, a teacher who was suspended for badmouthing students and of course the man who posed as an officer.

Now we have heard of a Green Party Candidate resigning and comments on Facebook are the cause. We learned of this through’s Ruth Manuel-Logan who has added a report that says Alan Saldanha sealed the deal when he listed his favorite quote as something pretty bad…

“If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it!”

Now let’s just make something very clear, this isn’t the fault of Facebook but in fact the fault of the user. The politician was questioned about his out of order profile, he told the news outlets that the comment was taken out of context. Saldanha tries to explain himself by saying that the quote stemmed from a discussion with a friend over the difficulties of life although I seem to remember it being from a film (the name escapes me).

When other politicians learned of the unacceptable quote on his Facebook page they jumped all over it only for his former party members to throw out a press release basically saying they don’t agree with the statement and that Alan Saldanha has accepted his resignation. Check out the statement on this link.

How wrong was this politician to put his statement on Facebook? People in the public sector really need to be much more careful about using Facebook don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.