White iPhone 4 Shows Up On Verizon: Mistake Or The Real Deal?

White iPhone 4, a title that conjures up thoughts of a mystical handset that taunts us with its release date. This wait could now be coming to an end, as we reported just the other day it could be possibly weeks rather than months to get our hands on the blanc device.

Sure enough Ubergizmo confirmed reports by Apple claiming a white iPhone landing this spring. So not to far away, especially considering how long we have waited, an extra few weeks wont hurt.

Latest news however comes from the 9 to 5 Mac crew, who have snap shot images of Verizon’s inventory listing with some very interesting findings.

It would seem that the big red inventory could hold clues to a white iPhone 4, although while there is no actual ‘white’ titling, the model numbers could suggest its arrival. If you look down the listing you can see Apple’s iPad, with model numbers matching bar one digit. This has got to refer to the black and white versions.

Then there are the model numbers for the iPhone 4 with again just one digit changing, could this be the white version? It could be an error or even Verizon giving us the run around, but if it turns out to be as we suspect the white iPhone 4 could be just around the corner!

Are you still waiting for the pale iPhone or has the length of wait taken the edge off its release?